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Quality Policy


The Quality Policy, Environment and Safety and Health at Work is based on the commitment made by the Group to develop a LLABRES FELIU management to ensure the quality of our products and services, building and civil works with a commitment to respect and project the environment and ensuring health and safety at work committed to the prevention of injury and damage to health.

In accordance with this responsibility is proposed to carry out the following guidelines:

• Putting the customer satisfaction and the simple demands of economic benefit using quality as a management tool in our activities.

• Create a management culture based on service quality, environmental protection and occupational safety and health at work, dignifying the work of our members continuously.

• To have in the works of human resources and technological resources for development in order to achieve greater quality, safety and production efficiency.

• Perform all activities within a framework of environmental protection, which promotes the conservation of the environment in areas where our activities are developed, the rational use of natural resources, efficient waste management and prevention contamination.

• Comply with environmental legislation and Health and Safety at Work applies and all those other requirements specific to the organization subscribes.

• Achieve a high level of safety and health at work, develop, implement and maintain a model process-oriented management, environmental protection and Health and Safety at Work, also looking for continuous improvement in these aspects.

• Integrate the system in the management of the organization, so that the Occupational Safety and Health at Work is incorporated into all activities carried

• Ensure the participation and information and make effective the right to consult the staff of the company and provide specific training plans that can increase production efficiency, support of our group, without affecting the quality of our work, respect the environment and health and safety at work.

• Integration of our suppliers and customers in the active commitment to improving working conditions and promote awareness and their participation in the common achievement of the quality, safety and prevention.

• Promote an environment of trust and support to their partners, listening and showing interest in cooperating in solving their needs, involving everyone in the organization in a culture of respect, fairness, honesty and transparency.

This Quality Policy, Environment and Safety and Health at Work is mandatory for all staff LLABRES FELIU Group

Annually the Department shall propose specific numerical targets to deploy this policy, in order to constantly improve the management system in place.

Miguel Llabrés Feliu
– President –
1-June-2010 (Ed. 4-R)